5 Phenomenal Malaysian Graphic Designers and their Portfolios

Graphic designers in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. That means, if your dream is to be the most amazing Malaysian graphic designer, you have your work cut out for you.

Why is design so important? In the words of the unfathomably wise Paul Rand,
“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Every great company knows that and that is why they are careful about which graphic designer they pick.

What sets the great graphic designers apart from the mediocre are proven track records of beautifully crafted design, aligned with a brand’s core message. They show off their track record with amazing portfolios that endears their audience and causes envy among their competitors.

Need proof? Here is a list of top notch Malaysian designers who display their work with bravado.

1. Bel Koo

Bel Koo is a titan in designing websites, brands, and wedding material. With the guiding principle, “beautify your brand, web, and wedding stationery.”

Bel Koo has accumulated multiple awards like the A’Design Award and Competition in Italy and has been featured in ArtMAX Magazine, CUTOUT, and the CTA Exhibition. She is most proud of her designs that portrays bold elegance. She also does amazing photography in a style that plays with contrast.

How do we know all of that? Because she has an amazing portfolio that tells us about her and why we should care her about what she’s done.

Check out her wonderful portfolio here: Bel Koo’s Portfolio

2. Kraphics Studio

Kraphics Studio is a visual artist, journalist, and photographer. A self-taught designer who has been honing his skills from the tender age of 9.

He took on jobs as an amateur in order to test his mettle and catalogued his end results with diligence. His hard work and passion paid off resulting with 58 completed projects from 24 different clients. (Numbers as of May 20th 2017). If an amateur is able to consistently prove he achieves professional work with a portfolio, any job is possible.

Check out his meticulous portfolio here: Kraphics’ Portfolio

3. Gary Chew

Gary Chew is an expert in branding, graphic and web design, as well as packaging design. While he works in Singapore, Gary was born and raised in Malaysia. His dominance as a graphic designer is established with big brand projects like Himalaya, Sony, and Vivdiaa under his belt.

Having a portfolio that shows us not just his designs but the magnitude of the projects he has undertaken let us know that Gary Chew does not mess around.

Check out his amazing portfolio here: Gary Chew’s Portfolio

4. C27

C27 is a dynamic creative technology company. With a portfolio ranging from agriculture to technology, there seems to be no end to what this team of designers/technologists/writers/etc. can do.

When you have worked with the likes of Spotify, ecoBrown and the Malaysian Expo, how much more proof do you need to show you are at the top of your game? C27 is able to stand out with such powerful work and has a wide-casting net across sectors to showcase their capabilities.

Check out their sleek website and portfolio here: C27’s Portfolio

5. Froggy Planet

Froggy Planet is an energetic film, design and media company. Based in Sabah, their designs are striking and colourful. From t-shirts to illustrations Froggy Planet doesn’t shy from a design challenge. They set themselves apart from the crowd by showing young and lively designs again and again.

Their portfolio let people know that they’ve been around since 2009 and are here to stay, even after 9 years!
Check out their portfolio here: Froggy Planet’s Portfolio

The best graphic designers in Malaysia (and around the world) know the name of the game:

Visibility and a Phenomenal Portfolio

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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.