5 Tips To Earn More Revenue As A Designer

Freelancing sounds like the best job to have because you get to set your own hours and be able to pick and choose the clients you want to work with. The thing is that sometimes, it doesn’t happen just that easily. In some cases, you might have problems looking for clients, getting them to pay you the right amount your work deserves and managing these clients might become hard once you have a handful.

Knowing your worth is a lot more beneficial especially if you want your freelance jobs to become your full-time lifestyle. Here's 5 tried and tested tips to help you earn more revenue today!

1. Take Initiative To Understand

In order to propose the best possible solution to your prospect, you need to understand the situation that they’re in. Taking the time and initiative to understand will not only give you insight to your prospective client’s situation doesn’t but it also communicates to your prospect that you want to understand what their challenges are. This shows them that you understand that they have a very specific problem that they would like to solve. Asking the right questions is important but what will take you to the top is to actually listen to what they have to say.

A good guideline to asking the right questions would be to ask about their situation, what is it about the problem that frustrates them, and what are their long-term goals. Going through this process also has the added benefit of building rapport with your prospect.

2. Always Present Solutions

The biggest thing prospects care about is the quality of work that you will produce. Remember, design techniques are only a means to solving a problem. Translate the techniques into ways your prospect will understand like:
- How does your work showcase their company in the best way possible?
- How the logo will help them show their company’s style and branding?
- Why hiring you will save them a lot more time and effort compared the the rest

When you translate techniques into solutions, it shows your prospect exactly how your consultation and design will add value to their business. The more value they see, the more they will be willing to pay you. You need to show them what you are capable of bringing to the plate before they can pay you their hard-earned money too.

3. Managing Objections and Expectations

Being able to answer a prospect’s objection shows that you are always a few steps ahead of them. This isn’t a competition, but it shows that you have thoroughly thought about how to best help your prospect.

A good way to manage a prospect’s objections is by identifying 10 to 20 common objections and prepare clear and concise answers for them. Rehearse those answers until they become natural. Deliver your answer confidently by keeping eye contact and in a comforting manner. This will show your experience and competence which makes them more comfortable with paying you more.

In addition to that, you should always be on the lookout to properly manage their expectations. This is because if they do not know what they can expect from you, when they don’t see something or when they see something they do not like, you have nothing to fallback on.

Always manage their expectations by letting them know what you are putting forth on the table and how you can best manage the workload and the results they are expecting from you.

4. Be Vigilant About Closing

Don’t be afraid to ask, “When shall we start?”

It’s your job to guide your prospect through the buying process. At this point, if you’ve properly managed their expectations and have given them what they need to feel secure in your abilities, you can always start talking about a contract and when you should start working.

They’ve already internally made a decision that you are competent and that you can help guide them towards the outcome where you work on the solutions and projects they way that you have both discussed. The fact that you are able to guide them to the close further reinforces that you are the right person for their job.

5. Negotiate

Once your prospect seems comfortable with the idea of working with you, close with a firm price. Your prospect already sees value in you and this is a good place to be at to ensure that they agree with your pricing.

During a negotiation, know how to use silence to your advantage. If your prospect keeps trying to haggle, you should simply state that your price is firm and remain silent for the rest of their attempts. Remain confident in your position that you need the full price in order to work effectively for them and know when to walk away.

Those were our 5 tips to pitch for more revenue. After closing and setting your price with your client, the best way to follow up with them is to deliver the best results possible. In addition to that, please always remember to create a contract and make them sign it so that it is a legally binding agreement. This way you can make sure that you won’t get cheated and that they might run away without paying you the price that you deserve.

Here at Rtist, we always make sure that we equip our freelancers with the proper negotiation skills and we are always there to ensure that they are getting where they need to go in the scope of the job.  Thinking of working outside the box and taking charge of your own career? Click here to get in touch with the Rtist team today!


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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.