8 Ways To Get Creative Food Photographs

Thanks to food-centric blogs and websites, food photography has become very popular. But coming up with creative food photography ideas can be tricky. Luckily, we have some ideas and tips for how to make your next food photography session successful!

1. Use Reflections for Stylish Commercial Shots
Creating a photo to sell a product is challenging. Nothing can remain unchecked. Lights, depth of field, colours, style, and mood, all must work together perfectly to make the product interesting, appealing and desirable.

Adding a reflection is a creative way of adding interest to the image. A highly polished reflection can look slick and stylish. For example, you can use Plexiglas as a reflective surface for creative photography.

Image from: ShootWhatYouEat

2. Create a Concept to Add Interest to Your Food Photography
Conceptual photography is quite challenging, but this is what makes it challenging. The challenge is to come up with a simple concept, and then craft an image to convey it in a photographically appealing and interesting way.

Image from: Pinterest

A simple, yet powerful, way to create a conceptual photograph with food is to adopt a minimalist style. This keeps the scene simple. And you should use single ingredients rather than complete dishes.

Image from: Kyle Dreier

Look at your favourite food and drinks to get new ideas.

3. Add Splashes for a Dynamic Image
Photograph splashes are an excellent way to give your photo more dynamics. To capture splashes, keep cleanup in mind first. Have a towel handy and mind your gear. To ensure you freeze the splash, you have to use fast shutter speed. It is easier to use a flash.

To capture the splash, put your camera in continuous shooting mode and start capturing the photo an instant before you drop the item that will create the splash. You can use sugar cubes, fruits, vegetables or the beverage itself.

4. Keep it Simple to Represent the Essence of the Dish
Find a simple way to represent a dish. You can represent it in the most simple and minimalistic way to make sure you bring out the essence of the dish.

Image from: Design4Users

5. Use a Cool Deconstructed Shot

A common technique in food photography is food deconstruction. For this kind of food photography, you have to consider building some supports and find a clever way to remove them in editing.

Image from: Pinterest

6. Create Messages With Food
You can use food to draw and write. This can help to bring out a message, while maintaining the artistic integrity of the photo.

Image from: Pinterest

7. Experiment With Colourful Food for Playful Images
Coloured food is fun to work with. You can create colourful images with different ingredients, including sweets, vegetables and fruit.

Image from: Pinterest

8. Create an Atmosphere to Suit the Food
Try to create an atmosphere to immerse your food in. You can think of the food’s origins or where it is usually consumed. This will help to create an aura or an atmosphere around your photo.

Image from: Lacock Photography

We hope this article will inspire you to experiment with creative food photography. All you need is some food photography props, a couple of flashguns, some food and a crazy idea.

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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.