An In-Depth Look At The Different Kinds of Logos

A logo is one of the first things people look at about a brand. A recognizable logo, like the Nike Swoosh or Coca-Cola’s iconic lettering is timeless and instantly known to most people. But almost everywhere you turn, you can find a logo, whether you’re walking down a street, working in an office, at the shopping mall...a logo is hard to miss. Logos are everywhere, but really they’re just a catalyst for a greater idea.

Your logo is often the first impression you can make to your customers and is the face of your company. From this simple definition, we can break down the types of logos into six basic categories.

1. The Wordmark

This one comes first for a reason - it’s the simplest. Google, Coca-Cola, Subway, and so many others are great examples of Wordmark logos. In fact, our own Rtist logo is a Wordmark logo. Generally a text-only type of logo, it uses individualised fonts to showcase a company, institution or product. The design of this logo comes down to the style of the typography, which can be simple and clean or stylised.

Examples of Wordmark logos:

2. The Lettermark

Similar to the Wordmark, the Lettermark logos are completely text based. However, their difference comes in the fact that they are often showcased as acronyms and initials. This means that instead of using the whole company or brand name, the logo illustrates acronyms or initials that are visualised. Lettermark logos are used mainly by established or recognised companies, who have already built their brand recognition within the market.

Examples of Lettermark logos:

3. The Submark

A Submark logo is an element that comes from the original logo, and is typically smaller in size. The Submark logo is usually used as a website icon or a profile picture, and is perfect for companies or brands with longer names. It uses a simple and condensed design that can serve as a watermark as well.

Examples of Submark logos:

4. The Brand Mark aka Pictorial Logo

A brand mark, sometimes also known as a Pictorial logo is a completely icon or image based logo that becomes the face of the brand. One of the more popular brand marks is the Apple logo, which is instantly recognisable due to the obvious choice of icon. Brand marks usually take an aspect or element of the brand to create an easily recognisable brand image.

Example of Brand Mark logos:

5. Abstract Iconography

Abstract Iconography logos are basically logos that are created with a few simple lines, curves or geometrical shapes to form an abstract image. Some of the more popular abstract logos include Pepsi, Toyota, Chanel and Nike are very good examples of recognized abstract icons. However, not everyone will immediately understand your abstract icon logos, as it may be more obscure compared to the examples above.

Examples of Abstract Iconography:

6. The Logo System

The logo system is a mixture of all of the above. All these logos combine words with symbols and shapes to produce a representation of who they are. A combination of words, strokes and images mean nothing until they are popularly recognised as a link to something bigger.

Examples of Logos:

So there you have it. A logo is an incredibly important part of your brand, and choosing a great logo design is a key decision for any company. This is a design that will act as the cornerstone of your brand, and all other designs you create, so getting it right is a great investment.

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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.