How to Avoid Court Cases When Designing Your Logo

Creating a website is a lot of fun and your graphic designer and you can go super creative when designing your logos. Logos are another way to showcase your brand and what it represents. For example, have you ever wondered why Facebook’s logo is blue? It’s because the CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is red-green colourblind. So the best colour he can see is blue- which is why he chose blue to be the colour of the Facebook logo!

However, since there are so many designs online, sometimes your design might get you in trouble if it resembles another trademarked logo.

When you want to create a super unique logo, your designer should be:

1. Creating a 100% original concept

Firstly, your idea needs to be original and should also speaks to your company. Something original can start from creating multiple sketches which are actual original drawings. Make sure that your graphic designer sits with you so that they can fully transform the logo into something that you want. Plus if you sit with them, you can ensure that the drawing isn’t really copied or taken from someone else.

Don’t worry, you can always draw inspiration from the internet or other amazing brands. But always make sure that you don’t copy too much. If you do you might get flagged for copying a trademark.

For example, in 2011, Sony Ericsson sued a company called Clearwire after they claimed that Clearwire copied their logo.

As you can see, the logo might seem similar, but there are certain distinct differences. However, if you are a brand that big, they might want to always make sure that no one ever steals your logo. Because it is true, if the logo resembles a logo that is already famous, users might think that the off brand is the actual brand and Sony Ericsson might lose real sales over it. This is why most famous companies are very wary about their logos.

2. Ability to create assets from scratch

Picture Credits: picturesboss

A logo has many assets, from things like the graphics, the colour and even the font. The graphic designer you choose to work with will need to know how to use and manipulate non-copyrightable font so that it will become completely unique to your logo.

Plus, colours can also be copyrighted so you need to make sure your designer isn’t using one that is.

Some of the examples of copyrighted colours are:

In addition to that, some logos even have specific shapes that have been copyrighted. Like the Nike swoosh. If you use that check mark in any of your logos, you will definitely create some trouble.

Fonts are also part of a copyright, like the Coca-Cola font and the Disney font.

Always make sure that your graphic designer checks on these things before making your logo public. Designing is a creative process, but there are some rules you need to follow in the world of trademarking and patents.

3. Knowing which lines not to cross

A designer that is really experienced should know what to do when they design your logos for you. They are experienced enough to also know all the latest trends and styles. This way they can also make sure that your logo is up to date with the trends. If your logo is not up to date with the trends, it might not get picked up by the people today. With the internet and how fast the industry moves today, having a designer that knows the ins and outs of the industry is very beneficial to you and your company.

A great design example is how the LA Clippers and LA Lakers created their logos while ensuring that both teams showed their own character. They are completely different logos with completely different designs and colours.

A graphic designer does not only create the logo as they can always be great input. They can always help in creating the best logo for you, from the colour selection to the shapes and even the font.If you have noticed some big brands like Food Panda, Starbucks and even Cotton On have gone through a few rebranding exercises over the years. It costs a lot of money and time but it is important to ensure the survival of the company and to improve the longevity of the brand. In addition to that, you should always ensure that you do a proper rebranding exercise earlier on in your business to ensure that it won’t become too expensive in the future. Note that you should do this when your company has become stable and you know what your users like and appreciate before you make any huge and drastic changes.However, when it comes to actual legal matters, always speak to a certified lawyer to ensure that you get proper legal advice. In Malaysia, you can check with TEE IP Sdn Bhd, legal experts in Intellectual Property.The main act you need to ensure you look at in Malaysia is the Trademark Act 1976. It is also good and beneficial for you to always check the Act whenever you are designing your own logos. However, it is good to note that a good trademark does not really describe your nature or quality of your business. A good and experienced designer will also know this and will take this into account when they are designing.Another thing to note is the words you use in the logos. If you sell burgers, the word “Burger” in your name would be redundant and a waste of your corporate identity. Because your trademark is the identity of your company, and not just what you do. Your name and logo allows you to be creative so find something that represents your brand and not only your product.

Words like 100Plus, Milo, Adidas, all are successful brands, which adhere by certain rules. All of which may have been assisted by an experienced graphic designer. With that, it is quite obvious that you need to find a graphic designer who is experienced enough to fully understand all these little nuances to make a proper logo that will resonate with your customers and also your brand as a whole.

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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.