Rtist Client Success Stories

2018 has been such a big year for us! Looking back, we're so happy to have worked with both new and old clients.
To wrap up the year, we spoke to our clients to learn what they think of us:

Trio3 Capital Sdn. Bhd.  (Go Noodle House)

Nicholas from Trio3 Capital also had similar problems of inconsistencies of designs before coming to Rtist for help. We were happy to help him find the right designers for his project.

After the projects ended, we asked Nicholas the benefits he gained from working with us and his answer was that he now has consistency of designs and he is very happy with the work provided by the designers Rtist chose for him.

Here is what he says after engage Rtist handpicked service:

"very responsive and follow deadline"

Allied Chemists Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.

Here at Rtist, we are always ever so grateful that we get to work with really amazing people in the industry. One of our favourite clients to have worked with was a gentleman called John Woo from Allied Chemists.

John was the Central Branch Manager for Malaysia and he came to us with a problem. His problem was that he had inconsistencies when it came to the work quality he was looking for with his previous designer. Their problem was also the fact that the turnaround time was also very slow. This cause him a lot of problems when it came to ensuring that projects were delivered on time.

So we managed to help him and his team out and we managed to ask him about the services we provided and this is what he had to say about the benefits of the Rtist Service.

" Rtist provided flexible and reasonable prices and I was able to choose the category of designers that would be best suited to fulfill our needs. The assistance from Rtist representatives to help us filter and recommend suitable designers for the job was indeed a very important step that helped achieve our expectations. Now, we have 2 designers from different categories that provides us with consistent quality work and fast turnaround time."

FPC Fire Prevention Service Sdn. Bhd.

Another great company we had the pleasure of working with is FPC Fire Prevention Service. We worked with Steve who was the Marketing Support Executive.

The main problem they faced wasn't really a problem but the fact that they wanted more sit-in designers in their team. They wanted more choices hence they came to us for a solution.

When asked how we benefited their team, this is what Steve had to say.

"Rtist provided a cheaper price and they saved a lot of my time looking for another designer".

Hypergear Malaysia

Hypergear Malaysia is a brand that specializes in waterproof accessories such as dry bags, waterproof backpacks, duffel bags and also waterproof pouches.

When we were approached by Jack Lee who is the Managing Director, we were more than happy to help Jack with his problems. His main problem was that whenever he interviewed designers to join his team, they were not the best fit and it caused problems in the future.

We managed to help him find the right designer by using our filtering and rating systems. When asked how we benefited him, he said:

"Rtist is cost effective, convenient and they have quality based on-demand designer. It is simply the best solution for business owners as the timelines were all under our control".

The Rub Bar

Miss Lynn Yeoh was an absolute darling to work with. The Rub Bar is a relatively new company and they came to us in hopes of finding someone to design their new website. This is what Miss Lynn had to say about us:

"We are very glad to have found Rtist to design our new website as the price is very reasonable as compared to other website companies. The whole experience was very pleasant, well-handled and professional. Miss Brenda, who handled our project was great since all the coordination needed for this project was done through emails and Whatsapp, all our requirements were absorbed and met very carefully. The dedication to the project was superb".

Torpedo Ideas

When Fennie Wong from Torpedo Ideas came to us for help, we were more than happy to help her out. As the General Manager for Torpedo Ideas, her biggest problem that she faced was that when she tried to hire designers, they would not show up for interviews. They also had no commitment to the job and the worst part is that they also have a much higher salary expectation compared to their experience.

When they engaged with us here at Rtist, here is what she had to say :

"There is no long term commitment. I can hire designers based on engagement basis or on project basis".

She also had some advice for us to have more junior designers as options so that we can streamline the costing a bit more and we sure are looking into that as a future option as well.


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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.