The Best Places To Find FREE Stock Images, Icons and Illustrations

If you’ve used up all your design resources and are short on funds at the moment, you may want to consider a few of these sites. Today, we’re looking at the best places where you can get free design resources that can help you out.

Yes, we’re talking about free stock images, icons, and illustrations, the essential assets you definitely need to complete your projects without costing you a single sen. What’s more, they’re all high quality stuff too. Free things can be good things too, you know.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Free stock images


As a free stock photo site, Pexels is one of the best. With its community of photographers and videographers constantly uploading new photos and videos for everyone to use, royalty-free, you can get exactly what you might need to illustrate your projects.


Similar to Pexels, Unsplash has an active community of photographers and videographers who send in new photos and videos to be downloaded royalty-free. It’s a great alternative to Pexels for different kinds of photos and videos.

Landing Stock

Landing Stock is a niche site providing free stock photos that features only high-quality, clean and minimalistic photos that are able to crop well and provides ample space for copy.
The photos are most suitable for use on your website landing page, or a striking minimalist ad where copy is king.


Known for its high-quality offering of free stock imagery, StockSnap has a whole host of different categories you can browse through, so you'll never struggle to find what you need.

Free illustrations


unDraw is an open-source illustration for any idea you can imagine and create, with designs constantly updated. It features beautiful SVG images that you can use completely free and without attribution.

Lukasz Adam Free Illustrations

Lukasz Adam is an independent web designer who's made quite a few high-quality vector art illustrations and icons available for free. These can be used for your personal or commercial projects.


DrawKit is a collection of free, beautiful, customisable MIT licensed SVG illustrations in two styles. It is perfect for use on your next website, app, or design project.

Open Peeps

Hand drawn illustrations are the in-thing in design now, and Open Peeps is the illustration library for you. It features open-source flat SVG and PNG assets which are available for Sketch, Figma, Studio, and Adobe XD. Plus, it’s completely free! You can even make a donation if you're able to support Pablo Stanley, the founder of the site.

Free icons


Looking for GIFs? Animaticons provides a great resource place for high-resolution animated GIFs that you can customise. They are small in file size and are compatible with all major browsers, emails, and smartphones.


Icons8 is an amazing resource for free icons in PNG and SVG. They’re very current and on-trend as well, which is great for more timely projects you may have.

Simple Icons

Simple Icons is as its name suggests; a place where you can get fantastic, free SVG icons for popular brands which are available to download for free.

Noun Projects

If you’re looking for icons for your next project, The Noun Project is the place for you. The site brings together over two million curated icons, created by a global community and available for use by designers for free.

With so many free resources at your fingertips, it’s time to start designing!

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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.