The Clever Way Your Graphic Designer Can Earn You More Money

When you think of graphic designers, the first thing that comes to mind is a really creative person that helps with creating amazing illustrations and graphics. It is true that a graphic designer can earn money working for any company that will need to use graphics.

But, what if we told you that your graphic designer can also make you more money while doing something completely different? This is where a new and more creative way of marketing comes in.

Imagine taking your graphic designers’ work and turning them into t-shirts, goodie bags and even print them on lanyards and tumblers. This is the world of promotional products and this is one of the new and more fun ways of getting your brand recognised and to also increase exposure of your brand.

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Promotional products are crucial as they are cost-effective, and they are fun marketing tactics that almost any business can use. The most general rule of thumb that you can take note of almost immediately if you are looking to start promotional marketing is to give away items that your potential customers can use daily- things like reusable bags, notepads, notebooks, water bottles, calendars, t-shirts, umbrellas or mouse pads.

Now, most of these items can sometimes look super boring and cliche, however with your awesome graphic designer, you can be super creative and make all these promotional items look cool and memorable.

Let’s break down on why we believe that promotional products are super important for any business.

Benefit 1: Cost-Effective Marketing

You do not need to break the bank when it comes to promotional product marketing. If you are a much smaller company, you will still be able to reach your marketing goals with a campaign like this.

The benefit of promotional product marketing is that the pricing for these products are cheap because they will be mass produced. These gifts are much cheaper but the impact is rather high when it comes to your potential customers.

According to a study made by, 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser from a mug they were given by them. This is a huge number and it is a lot cheaper to just hire a graphic designer to create a cool design and print the mugs to just give away to your target audience.

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Tumblers are reusable and a lot of people will really appreciate sleek graphics like the picture above from South Lake Brewing Co.

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Benefit 2 : Increased Exposure

Exposure is something a lot of marketers like to use but it can get dangerous sometimes because you cannot really calculate the Return of Investments (ROI) of exposure. But, for example, if you see a TV ad or a billboard, you will only be able to view it for that moment in time, when you have passed the billboard or if the ad is finished - you won’t be able to really remember the brand.

However, when it comes to a t-shirt or a reusable bag, the person who receives it will be using it over and over again. In addition to that, they will also be wearing it out and about where more people can see it. These recipients will literally turn into walking billboards for you and all for the price of 1 T-shirt.

If you still are not convinced, look at the worldwide famous brand, Coca Cola- which did something very similar a few years back. They basically placed Twitter-powered T-shirt dispensing machines at three of the busiest railway stations in London as part of their marketing initiative.

The way a user would be able to obtain one of these awesome t-shirts is by tweeting the name of their favourite Coca Cola variant with the hashtag #ChooseHappiness which was the slogan of their marketing campaign. The dispenser will then give them one of the four free t-shirts once they have done that. They also receive a free bottle of Coca Cola as well. How cool is that?

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Benefit 3 : Brand Recognition

When you see the yellow arch, the first thing that comes to mind is McDonald’s. This is what you call brand recognition. To achieve brand recognition, you need to ensure that your brand can be remembered and recognised by something simple. Usually, this would be your logo or the name of your company. You can always get your graphic designer to create something cool and funky with the name of your company.

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For example, this official McDonald’s merchandise is super cool and funky looking that anyone would not mind wearing it.
Here’s another example of a more typographic style graphic:

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Now that you know that some of these promotional products can go a long way, you need to know when and how to distribute them. Make sure that you find a reliable vendor that offers you quality printing and etc. when you decide to create these products. The better the quality, the longer they last. The longer your products last, the longer you get exposure!
Some of the best ways to distribute these promotional products are to:
1) Bring the t-shirts or items when you are pitching your business to new clients or investors.
They will really appreciate the personalised touch and this way, they will never forget you.

2) Hosting a social media contest for your current fans
With the rise of social media, you can reach so many more people than you could, back then. Just create a social media contest and ask people to share and like to win. This way you get instant exposure, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

3) Distribute at your sponsored events
Always find the time to share your promotional items at events. This way, the visitors will always remember you because you gave them something cool to wear or use.

Get your graphic designer to start designing some cool designs to print on mugs, tumblers, t-shirts and more. You can also earn money by selling merchandise, but the most important thing that promotional products do is to increase and improve your exposure to allow for more new clients to notice you.

If you are looking for a graphic designer to do this for you, head on over to our website - to find a great designer. Start earning more money today!


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© 2019 Zeroo Sdn. Bhd. All Rights Reserved.