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Hip-Hop culture T-shirt design

- design Malaysian Hip-Hop culture style T-shirt

Emphasize in empowering the street culture eg grafitti, dj-ing, hip hop music yet keeping in localize, with a little tweak of malaysian elements such as our signature mamak and kopitiam hang out area.

For example the idea could be mamak + graffiti/kopitiam + grafitti or just some local puns that exagrate our local lifestyle eg Kopi O Gao design/slogan with add a little tweak to the wording to make it close to grafitti.

Additional idea eg the street dance culture could be added in as well but localize it with the elements/views of the local.

These idea not specifically must be abstract as we do empower minimalist design such as playing with local puns and wording.

Deadline: By March

Reference :

Budget : RM 600 - 1000 (for 2 design)